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Quotes by Manuel Corazzari

I enjoy reading, and get inspired to write quotes, my library is full of books with quotes, they no only help me through the day but I believe that they will uplift others, thank you for reading the following Quotes by Manuel Corazzari

“The reason the stars are so high up into the sky is because they belong to those with high determination”

“We were not placed on an empty island for a reason, we were placed into communities to BUILD RELATIONSHIPS and Help ONE ANOTHER!”

“The eyes of Faith will allow you to see the invisible”

“Destroying is easy, Creating is hard, but only one of the two will give you Rewards”

“All you need is someone to believe in you to become the new believer of yourself”

Quotes by Manuel Corazzari

“The best gift you can give yourself is to give to someone else”

“loving my wife every minute is: ESSENTIAL”

xanax irritability side effects Jesus is the seat belt of the roller coaster ride that doesn’t let me fall”

” I feel like I am a millionaire not by the things I have but by the things I have given”

“Man continues searching for things which satisfy him, not knowing that he has them, but can’t see them cause he is too busy looking for them”

“the three major F’s of life:  click here FORGIVE, http://andrewpaynter.com/?fer=per-valium-ci-vuole-ricetta&393=c6 FORGET and move follow url FORWARD

“Authentic Love is the one that unifies words and actions together”

” When you are absent, if the progress continues that is called LEGACY”

This are the most recently  http://webmama.com/?br=xanax-tri-score-2mg-tablets&325=d0 quotes by Manuel Corazzari

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For any questions contact Manuel Corazzari at 219-742-7699


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Manuel Corazzari – Christian Leadership

différence entre xanax et lexomil  He was born in Grecia Costa Rica, since a young age he learned how to play guitar and got involved with the music group at his near by church. At the age of 21 he traveled to USA with only $5 in his pocket looking for better opportunities,   follow Manuel Corazzari – Christian Leadership .

Manuel & Lori Corazzari

A year later he met his mentor xanax sydney morning herald Pastor David Jordan Allen, who took him to church and motivated him to study web design. Three years later he was hired by pastor Steve Munsey at Family Christian Center as the webmaster, later then he learned graphics design and also became the tv editor/producer.

In 2008 he became the webmaster of Salem Baptist Church in Chicago, the largest african-american church in Chicago with Pastor  James T. Meeks.

In 2010 he married his wife Lori Tiggelaar. View their proposal.  Together they worked on a TV Show call “Praise TV”. view Praise-TV reel

He always was involved with the Hispanic community of Northwest Indiana, becoming the spanish leader of the largest church in NWI Family Christian Center after the death of his mentor in 2011.

Manuel’s achievements is working with small and large companies like CrownCorr, Family Christian Center, Salem Baptist Church of Chicago, Rainbow Push, NWI Veterans, Gary Chamber, Man Cow Radio Show, St Augustine College and becoming the CEO / President of Crown Media.

His passion and heart is to motivate others to find their gifts and talents, and to put them to use in action. “All you need is someone to believe in you to become a believer in yourself”.

Manuel Corazzari is a cutting edge individual with traditional values, christian believer, encourager, motivator, speaker and brand specialist.

His latest project has been www.bornagaincenter.com, a site that motivates the christian community to find ways to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Today, Manuel & Lori Corazzari are praying and seeking direction to plant a church near source link Northwest Indiana, Chicagoland area, becoming a pastor and using their christian leadership skills to lead a team in this region.

Their goals and dreams are becoming leaders of leaders and not leaders of followers.

follow link Manuel Corazzari – Christian Leadership