I enjoy reading, and get inspired to write quotes, my library is full of books with quotes, they no only help me through the day but I believe that they will uplift others, thank you for reading the following Quotes by Manuel Corazzari

“The reason the stars are so high up into the sky is because they belong to those with high determination”

“We were not placed on an empty island for a reason, we were placed into communities to BUILD RELATIONSHIPS and Help ONE ANOTHER!”

“The eyes of Faith will allow you to see the invisible”

“Destroying is easy, Creating is hard, but only one of the two will give you Rewards”

“All you need is someone to believe in you to become the new believer of yourself”

Quotes by Manuel Corazzari

“The best gift you can give yourself is to give to someone else”

“loving my wife every minute is: ESSENTIAL”

Jesus is the seat belt of the roller coaster ride that doesn’t let me fall”

” I feel like I am a millionaire not by the things I have but by the things I have given”

“Man continues searching for things which satisfy him, not knowing that he has them, but can’t see them cause he is too busy looking for them”

“the three major F’s of life: FORGIVE, FORGET and move FORWARD

“Authentic Love is the one that unifies words and actions together”

” When you are absent, if the progress continues that is called LEGACY”

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